Music Videos shot here

We welcome the music video too.  So many are so creative.

Lady Gaga came here in the summer of 2011 for You & I.  Three long days of filming, employing a decent number of locals.  Country road and farm shot near Papillion and Springfield.     Local Production Supervisor: Jamie Vesay        

Nickelback shot the performance part of the music video If Today Was Your Last Day at the Century Link Center on a down day during their concert tour.  The performance only (with the light bulbs).  A few days work for local film pros and stagehands.

A few others, generated locally both in bands and in production:

Icky Blossoms – Perfect Vision  

Azure Ray – Scattered Like Leaves  

The Mynabirds – Generals  

Art in Manila – Set the Woods on Fire  

Thanks Saddle Creek Records

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