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Scouting and providing a perfect location is about seeing options. There are different looks, sizes, shapes, time-periods, topography, architectural styles, colors, etc. to consider…Perhaps you have a location in mind that you think should be considered or YOU are the owner of a property (even better).  The first thing I would recommend, is to read my Location Owners FAQ page on this site.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 7.47.19 PM HOMEOWNERS: be sure to click on the link to see photos from a national TV commercial shot at a private home. If still interested, read on.

I would love to hear from all parts of the State!  Current photos are best with accurate location info about that location. We can help you gather the right info after we exchange an email or two. We may even want to visit it in-person.


Here are hints about what makes a great filming location:

  • What does it LOOK like?  Is it unique to the area or the neighborhood? If your house is super modern, built out of an airplane, or purple; interested. If your house looks identical to the others on the street, the entire street might be the location.
  • Is it PRACTICAL?  Is it safe – structurally and environmentally?  That cool-looking barn out in the field which you pass on the way to work might not have a road to it or heat or AC (or the capability to pipe either inside). Yes, I’ve done that.
  • Is it ACCESSIBLE by vehicle (or trucks or a path to push carts on)? Your uncle’s log cabin in the mountains might be awesome but if we have to carry gear four miles through brush and swamp, maybe not so awesome.
  • If you own a BUSINESS, does it ever close? Can it afford to stop doing business for as much as ten hours of a day? Can we shoot inside overnight?
  • How quiet is it? Most projects record SOUND. If your location is next to the railroad track or near a factory or airport; these make for bad sound.
  • Are there AMENITIES close? From restrooms to dining to lodging – creature comforts are required.
  • How are your NEIGHBORS? Would they be as jazzed about all the activity next door?
  • PARKING. A location should have at least some parking. A wide driveway or a parking lot are good things. There might be an ample street parking or vacant spaces nearby. How are the neighbors again?

The hints above are general. Every project is different. Let’s see the place and decide together if it’s a winner or at least a contestant.

Hosting a film crew or photo shoot can be a rewarding experience, creatively and financially. Nebraska should be hosting more…

Thank you for your interest.

Content COPYRIGHT Jamie Vesay ©


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