Location Filming & Commercial Photography in NEBRASKA

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Information here is about on-location film production and commercial photography in Nebraska. Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.59.08 AMThere are MANY locations available throughout this very large State. Most you are already assuming (gotcha) but there are plenty of surprises too.

Location scouting on any given project is unique. Elements include: vision, budget, size of crew, logistics, travel, schedule, etc. *

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Happy to help with answers. If your project is green-lit and fast-tracked—reach out ASAP for fast answers NebraskaLocation@gmail.com

* Information shared here is about processes inherent to professional filmmaking and commercial photography. These processes encourage industry standards such as permission to shoot on private property, location fees, insurance, safety, legal and proper logistics. 

Site curated by Jamie Vesay, experienced Locations Scout/Manager and often Creative Producer. An industry professional for 25 years.