Location Owners

Ahhh… the glamour of Hollywood.

It is very easy to be attracted to the idea of having your home or business in a movie or a TV commercial. A national commercial could get equal or more recognition. Before you cash the check or tell the neighborhood a movie is going to be shot at your house, PAUSE. Take a deep breath.

The process is different than what you might be thinking…

If you have been asked to host any film crew – ask these two questions:

  • Is the production company insured? *
  • Are they paying you a location fee?

If yes, consider the opportunity. But keep asking questions. If you’re speaking to an experienced Location Manager or Producer, they should have answers.

Most production companies will (should) pay you for use of your property.

For Homeowners: Imagine the last BBQ or dinner party you hosted. Now, multiply that by five or ten times (in people, vehicles). Instead of bringing covered dishes or wine, they have cameras, cables, equipment, and will be working all over the house (literally). If you didn’t tap on the previous link – go here to see a TV commercial shot at a private home. Yes, dated photos but the scope and scale of crew and gear could be similar.

Frankly, if you don’t like strangers in your space or if you are a “take your shoes off to come in” person – forget this idea.

For a Business: A film crew could stop, distract, or interrupt the flow of your day. There is a whole other list of issues to address for a business including: revealing proprietary equipment or processes, security, SAFETY, customer service – to name a few. If you are working with an experienced Location Manager or Producer from the production company; they should be aware of your concerns.

Despite sorting out standard Q’s & A’s, schedules, fees, and signing the paperwork (which they should have) – hosting a production can be REWARDING!

* In my opinion, if the production is NOT INSURED pass on this opportunity.

Ask me questions via this Form.

Content COPYRIGHT  Jamie Vesay.  ANY USE requires permission.

Photos of TV commercial shoot used with permission from DebbieReganLocations.com

2 thoughts on “Location Owners

  • We own a rustic A frame cabin on the Platte River, which we are open to having available for filming. Just email a message. We’ll get back to you shortly.

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