Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska and the hub for most production activity in the State. From a Locations perspective, it offers many diverse looks from downtown city, neighborhoods, classic and modern architecture, and green space (in non-winter months).th_Omaha Gene Leahy Mall April 2015 LBL Jamie Vesay WM TRD IMG_7783 - Version 2

Most of the experienced crew, production support, and production-related vendors can be found here. The airport is ten minutes from downtown. The local police and public works departments are supportive to filmmaking.th_Memorial Park Omaha early May 2015 LBLD WM Jamie Vesay IMG_0644Omaha is growing. Check with your location or production contact for CURRENT construction or past destruction.

Here is a video from the Greater Omaha Chamber that will show you a broad stroke of the looks of Omaha. 

See more videos of Omaha, the people who live and work here, and how proud they are of their city at the Omaha Chamber’s video page.

Ask any questions – any time.

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Old Market in Omaha. Filming or visiting.

cropped-omaha-old-market-2008-howard-street-near-10th-6-1-08-am-sunday-shooting-w-100_1074-copy-2-lbld-trd1.jpgThe Old Market is a crown jewel of Omaha.  An old warehouse district reclaimed as modern retail, restaurants, and urban living – it is hip and very cool.  At the least, you will want to visit here.  A great place to help our economy – thank you.

If you want to shoot there, please plan ahead.

I have done photo shoots, commercials, and even part of the movie Up in the Air here.  For that movie, I took the necessary steps for permitting, insurance, and location agreements.  My research discovered a public works project that was scheduled for our shooting days.  Omaha moved the project for our filming!!  Parking is premium so I converted a closed block into a parking lot for the trucks.  I informed as many property owners and residents as possible.  It all went smooth.

For something less in scale, you’ll have to do less – but please do something.  Talk to the owners and neighbors that are affected by your presence.  Communicate with them.  It’s easy and the right thing to do.

A few tips to filming in the Old Market:

  • It can be noisy.  Truck deliveries, dumpsters getting slammed, restaurant air handling.
  • Lots of people.  Especially if it’s prime time in the decent weather months.  There are a few outdoor dining spots so consider that when picking your location and / or for your background.
  • The parking police are vigilant.  Bag meters for yourself.  It’s cheap and easy to do.
  • The streets are old brick.  They look great but aren’t practical for rolling carts.
  • Be polite.  We all want to continue to film here.  One bad crew can ruin it for all of us.
  • Support our local economy by eating in one of the restaurants or buying a trinket.

Photos and words COPYRIGHT Jamie Vesay   ANY USE requires permission.