The Sandhill Crane Migration in Nebraska

Every year in central Nebraska USA, from late February to early April, a spectacle of nature occurs. It is happening NOW – as of this post. Earthlings are graced by the presence of four to six hundred THOUSAND Sandhill cranes, as they pause their migration and stop there on their way north. It is nothing short of magical…

As a Location Scout, it isn’t work. For me personally, the trip is a retreat. All devices are turned off, and soon the time seems to slow. Cool, crisp breathable air refreshes the soul. The vast open sky gifts you an aerial canvas of panoramic clouds and top-ten sunsets and sunrises over a braided river. Needless to say, this is a cinematography dream.Certainly if you have the slightest interest in birds, do add this trip to your bucket list. You have no excuse for being too far away. People come from other countries to experience this, yet sadly there are many Nebraskans who have never been… Here are a few  pro-tips:  Time between sunrise and sunset is spent traveling along the country roads. Pull over to a safe place away from traffic (stay in your car!) and enjoy them as they gather in cut-corn fields, eating and socializing, and flying from field to field. Watch for the crane dance, when they jump and frolic and call.Along the way, stop at the two sanctuary locations. Get educated, meet the incredible volunteers, visit the restroom, buy retail and snacks from the gift shop. You can book crane blind watches here too. Personally, I am partial to the Rowe Sanctuary but the other is The Crane Trust. Many of you know, beyond my personal retreat to see the cranes, I have been developing a screenplay that is set in this place during this time – for many years. As years passed, friends would tell me to write the book version of the story. So I did. Fauna’s Thread the BOOK is now available on Amazon as Paperback and Kindle

There is still hope of making a movie or series about it one day, so stay tuned. For now, plan a visit. Just go. Read my book. Then go again. Breathe, see, listen, embrace – enjoy.       Stay safe.


My Personal Photos now on the Market

Hello Friends,

After years of roaming the United States, snapping and sharing tons of images, I have established a humble photo market online. It is via my personal SmugMug site JamieVesayImages. Many of the shots are from long days of location scouting in Nebraska and other states.

A special note to Art Dept. / Set Dec / Production Designer / Propmaster peeps. This is a cool spot to buy prints for the show you’re working on. Framed prints AND smaller fun props too – like fridge magnets, coasters, keychains, and a puzzle.  Ability to clear images fast via production’s release and / or a button to download files w/ a license for commercial use (the latter coming soon). Another option is IF you don’t see what you need, ask. I might have options and can upload… Before you visit, know that I am not the greatest photographer on the internet and my images are not of highest resolution. Hence, while I have a few which could be purchased as large prints, most are moderate to low rez and best for smaller printing.

The site is presented in Galleries by recommended purchases. Photos in each gallery are there because of the resolution thing. Simply put, the highest rez images are in Wall Art. Buy large prints or anything else there. In contrast, all other galleries and purchasing button options; Keepsakes, Paper Prints / Smaller Stuff, iPhone photos – are medium to low rez. Don’t buy wall art from there but any from Wall Art are good to go on anything else. Do consider the fun stuff like mousepads!

I appreciate your support.  Thank you.             – Jamie