June 2017    


Massive field of CORN to give sense of infinity. Similar to above photo. Rolling hills versus flat. Need a clearing in middle or where two fields run side-by side with an opening or access path. Omaha metro area (20 mile radius) or corridor between Omaha and Lincoln. Prefer Nebraska but will consider awesomeness IF in Iowa.  Farm (nearby) must have infrastructure (restroom, shelter, power) and parking. Email Jamie at



We are scouting for HOUSES to be used in upcoming photo shoots and commercials – in the greater Omaha vicinity or Lincoln. Eastern Nebraska and western Iowa okay too.

All styles welcome. Medium-sized to large are preferred. Unique is always good but if you have a house, which you feel is average, we need those too. Big yards, extra parking, trees and / or landscaping, pool, deck, friendly neighbors; all BONUSES.  A few house examples below. Visit the List a Location and Owner FAQ before telling us about it. Then send an email to Jamie at

If you haven’t yet, visit the List a Location and Owner FAQ before telling us about it. If still interested – email Jamie at


March 2017      Temps rose and early March was oddly mild. It snowed very little this winter. Grass in greening early and flowers are beginning to pop.

The Sandhill Cranes returned to central Nebraska for their annual migration stop. This spectacle happens EVERY year between late February to mid April. Yes, it is awesome. I am developing a movie (from my unpublished book) about lives along the Platte River during this time of year.  Visit  

We are ALWAYS LOOKING for the next Location of ANY KIND. 


Visit the List a Location and Owner FAQ before telling us about it. Email Jamie at


October 2016 – a pleasant blurb via Omaha Magazine.


Spring  2016    Alexander Payne’s movie Downsizing spent a week filming in Omaha. I worked on the project collectively for about six months, from Oct 2015 to April 2016 and – briefly in Oct 2014. PhedonAPJV at La Casa Downsizing April2016 Chris Machian photo IMG_6135It was (again) rewarding to collaborate with Alexander (as I did so on Nebraska). Phedon Papamichael (on left) is his Director of Photography.

The visiting crew (from LA + beyond) appreciated the hospitality. Many questioned why they weren’t filming more of the movie here.downsizing-scout-and-shoot-compare-jamie-vesay-img_7753

The barrage by local media went to an almost embarrassing level of coverage. While Producers welcomed reporters getting close, releasing location addresses online or in print was an outright no-no. It impacted the process more than most realize; from security to privacy of homeowners who are collaborating with the project.

All for now.      JV

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