Movies Shot in Nebraska

Nebraska Filmed Movies. Most recent studio features and budgeted films. Updated 3/2019.

DOWNSIZING  Partially shot in Omaha 2016. Locations were 80% exteriors and establishing shots.

                       Downsizing filming in Omaha April 2016

The remainder of the movie was shot in Los Angeles, Canada and Norway.

The movie NEBRASKA was shot in 2012, mostly in northeast Nebraska near Norfolk and numerous locations near there. Filming was also done partly in Lincoln – and Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming.   Plainview, Nebraska was the hero small town of Hawthorne. The film was critically acclaimed and received multiple award nominations.

The Aviation Cocktail  Shot in 2011 near Valentine (north central Nebraska).  Set in the 1950’s, a good look at the land in the Sandhills.

Up in the Air  Partially shot in 2009.  Locations included the Old Market in Omaha and the Omaha airport.  Most of the footage shot in Omaha was unfortunately deleted from the release. The deleted scenes from Omaha, that includes George Clooney jogging in the Old Market, and an Old Market loft, and at the airport – are on the DVD.

Lovely, Still  2008   Shot in Omaha.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar  1995  Shot in Loma, Hooper, Lincoln, and Omaha.

And if you want to know more about others shot here over the years, click this link to see Movies & other stuff shot in Nebraska over the years.


Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska and the hub for most production activity in the State. From a Locations perspective, it offers many diverse looks from downtown city, neighborhoods, classic and modern architecture, and green space (in non-winter months).th_Omaha Gene Leahy Mall April 2015 LBL Jamie Vesay WM TRD IMG_7783 - Version 2

Most of the experienced crew, production support, and production-related vendors can be found here. The airport is ten minutes from downtown. The local police and public works departments are supportive to filmmaking.th_Memorial Park Omaha early May 2015 LBLD WM Jamie Vesay IMG_0644Omaha is growing. Check with your location or production contact for CURRENT construction or past destruction.

Here is a video from the Greater Omaha Chamber that will show you a broad stroke of the looks of Omaha. 

See more videos of Omaha, the people who live and work here, and how proud they are of their city at the Omaha Chamber’s video page.

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