Spring Storms

I like to repost this reminder each Spring.  PLEASE BE SAFE!

Storm Nebraska April 2013 Jamie Vesay IMG_0491 - Version 2

Although I find it a bit humorous when a crew from Los Angeles runs outside to watch the lightning here,  “We don’t get shows like this in California,”  we encourage you to stay inside or run fast away from the danger.  I agree, the power of nature does make it tough to look away or stop shooting.  But we love you, and prefer you stay alive.

The good news is there is no freakin snow in Spring (at least most years).  But that means it’s tornado season.  Curious and spectacular as they are, know that they are dangerous forces of nature that injure and kill human beings.  Please don’t be stupid.

Storm coming Jamie Vesay copyHere are a few tips about filming in the Nebraska USA Spring time:

  • Today’s tech allows you to literally hold radar in your hand.  Do so.  Sign up for local news weather alerts and listen to your device.
  • Be prepared to cover up, move gear, and take shelter.
  • Have a plan.  Think about ample space if you have to dive for safety and cover sets for extra stormy days.  If a storm comes up – lower the condor, get the crew off any scaffolding, and drop all the metal.  Get away from standing water.
  • Leave the storm-chasing to the trained professionals.
  • If you need to take cover for a big tornado – hide IN THE GROUND.  A bathtub or drywall closet is not gonna cut it when an F4 can throw an 18 wheeler.
  • And if you are caught DRIVING while a twister is passing through, that idea about taking cover under an overpass is not right.  Worse case scenario – take a tip from the movie Twister and strap yourself to something nearby that is grounded or anchored to the planet (and not a pickup truck or cow).   Hold on and pray.
  • The light and photography after a storm passes can be stunning.   Be ready but wait for it.Rainbow farm Jamie Vesay WM 42213 IMG_0467 - Version 3 iPhone treated copy

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