Old Market in Omaha. Filming or visiting.

cropped-omaha-old-market-2008-howard-street-near-10th-6-1-08-am-sunday-shooting-w-100_1074-copy-2-lbld-trd1.jpgThe Old Market is a crown jewel of Omaha.  An old warehouse district reclaimed as modern retail, restaurants, and urban living – it is hip and very cool.  At the least, you will want to visit here.  A great place to help our economy – thank you.

If you want to shoot there, please plan ahead.

I have done photo shoots, commercials, and even part of the movie Up in the Air here.  For that movie, I took the necessary steps for permitting, insurance, and location agreements.  My research discovered a public works project that was scheduled for our shooting days.  Omaha moved the project for our filming!!  Parking is premium so I converted a closed block into a parking lot for the trucks.  I informed as many property owners and residents as possible.  It all went smooth.

For something less in scale, you’ll have to do less – but please do something.  Talk to the owners and neighbors that are affected by your presence.  Communicate with them.  It’s easy and the right thing to do.

A few tips to filming in the Old Market:

  • It can be noisy.  Truck deliveries, dumpsters getting slammed, restaurant air handling.
  • Lots of people.  Especially if it’s prime time in the decent weather months.  There are a few outdoor dining spots so consider that when picking your location and / or for your background.
  • The parking police are vigilant.  Bag meters for yourself.  It’s cheap and easy to do.
  • The streets are old brick.  They look great but aren’t practical for rolling carts.
  • Be polite.  We all want to continue to film here.  One bad crew can ruin it for all of us.
  • Support our local economy by eating in one of the restaurants or buying a trinket.

Photos and words COPYRIGHT Jamie Vesay   ANY USE requires permission.

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