City Limit Sign & others

This sign does not exist. No it isn’t PS either (although that was discussed).

The creative called for a vehicle to drive past the city limit sign entering Omaha. Now there are actual signs similar to this but they are far from downtown and you can not see the skyline. So, why not have one made and plant it where we want it? I asked the city sign department about making one and they said, “Sure.” I was a bit surprised how easy it was to do this (for a nominal fee).

The road is Abbott Drive coming into Omaha. A great view now partially obscured by the baseball stadium. Sorry, they did not check with me prior.

To get the shot, we needed to stand in the street with the camera.  The safe thing to do was a lane closure. Enter the Omaha Police.  They sent out three cars and two motorcycles for some Intermittent Traffic Control. OPD rocks!  They love helping a film crew. Call them.

And art departments needing local traffic signage; call the Omaha sign shop.

Photos and words COPYRIGHT Jamie Vesay   ANY USE requires permission.

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