Courthouses in Nebraska vary in architecture, scale, location (topographically) and access. The photos I have shot, know about, and speak of here are COUNTY courthouses. There are no interiors posted here.

Seward cnty NE courthouse Photo by Jamie Vesay WM LBLD DSCF2027

The courthouse above is in a town square surrounded by active streets. A look like this might work for or against you, depending on how wide your shot is and if you are turning around and seeing FROM the courthouse.  This one also happens to be at street level. Note the leafless trees too as it was shot in winter.

Saunders cnty NE courthouse in Wahoo Photo by Jamie Vesay WM LBLD DSCF6172

The photo above is an older courthouse set slightly above street level on one side but ends up being street level on the back side. Note various things that are planted on the property that may NOT be MOVABLE. Some have giant sculptures, historical markers, aircraft or tanks (the military kind). Here, there is a torpedo on display at right.

Depending on the shots needed, your options are fairly deep.

A few HINTS if you happen to be looking for a courthouse that needs to be PERIOD. Look around at the modern design of things in the shot that you’ll have to hide – like storm windows and doors, cell towers, satellite dishes, concrete, landscaping, light poles, parking stalls, meters, handicap ramps, signage, and anything else current day.Dodge cnty NE courthouse in Fremont Photo by Jamie Vesay WM LBLD DSCF6148

If not an actual Courthouse, consider the many DOUBLING options. Schools and churches can often look like the main entrance and steps to a government building.Mead public school in Mead NE Photo by Jamie Vesay WM LBLD IMG_0762

The photo below is an old high school that has been converted into apartments. It could be a school as it once was or the side entrance to an old courthouse.School apartments in Blair Photo by Jamie Vesay WM LBLD IMG_2730

I have wanted to add a Courthouse Category for some time but have been slow to do so, until recently stumbling across the fantastic Flickr gallery of Jordan McAlister who has so much of an appreciation for courthouses, he shot ALL of them in Nebraska. Thanks Jordan! Visit his Courthouses Gallery here.

For questions about filming or photography around Nebraska courthouses or anywhere else in the State, contact me

Images and words Copyright © Jamie Vesay   Any USE requires permission.

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