Pedestrian Bridge Omaha (Bob)

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge – locally called The Bob – is a modern designed people-only bridge (no vehicles).  It has become part of Omaha’s new riverfront and has quickly become popular with film crews and photographers (professional and amateur).  Rumor is , it is the only pedestrian bridge in America that connects two States. *

Here are a few tips if you want to shoot on it:

  • It is popular.  In decent weather, there are many walkers and bicyclists.  It could be a challenge locking it up for a shot.
  • It moves.  Especially if it’s windy.  If you are standing in one place, like looking through a camera, you can feel it.  Consider a stabilizer device or similar trick.
  • Parking is either just south of the bridge or on the Iowa side.**
  • If you want to film at the very top, it is a walk.  Pushing carts or lugging gear can be a challenge from either place.  The City does not allow motorized carts to help.
  • You’d think there would be a good view of the skyline from the bridge but there is not.
  • The City would like to know if you’re filming on it.  Although there is no fee, the professional courtesy is always appreciated.

*as of 2009           **scheduled construction on the Iowa side may limit parking

Photos and words COPYRIGHT Jamie Vesay 2012   ANY USE requires permission.

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